Saturday night in Gothenburg

Saturday night in Gothenburg can be cut many ways. For this reason, I’m going to offer two approaches for each part of your evening. A great thing about nightlife here in Gothenburg is how accessible it all is; venues are never more than 20 minutes tram away and generally walkable. And for a city of its size, I think Gothenburg punches well above its weight for options.


Pre-Dinner: Casual pubs & Cool bars

Olssons Vinöteborg & Co

Olssons Vinöteborg & Co

If a good pub means a high quality and large selection of beer: check our "Best Beer in Gothenburg" article. The Rover on Andra Långgatan is one of those named. It has an amazing selection of beer and a chilled atmosphere to match. Just over the road from the Rover is Olstugan Tullen, a little cheaper and more crowded than the Rover. On Magasingatan, 2112 is a solid pub. A rock-vibe done maturely. 

If you are looking for something original and different, I advise you to check out Zamenhof, a cool central-Gothenburg bar and restaurant that will make you come back, with their ambiance and their cool disposition.

For cool bars, Puta Madre – two-doors-down from 2112 – is a stylish place. It’s a got a 1920’s theme and huge selection of Tequila. Fairly pricey but everything is good quality. Olssons Vin on Tredje Långgatan is a sophisticated wine bar to start your night. For cocktails with a view head to Heaven 23 in the Gothia Towers. You pay for the view but I probably didn’t need to tell you that!

Dinner: Quick bites & Take your time

Tacos and Tequilaöteborg & Co

Tacos and Tequilaöteborg & Co

For something light on a big night out, Tacos & Tequila, Basque and Hello Monkey are great options. Whether Mexican, Spanish or Asian fusion tickles your fancy, all offer the vibe of a night out and keep the energy levels up. There are three Hello Monkey restaurants (Linnégatan, Magasingatan and Kyrkogatan), Basque is on Magasingatan and Tacos & Tequila on Tredje Långgatan.

If you’re interested in taking your time over dinner, Toso at the top of Avenyn is a smart restaurant with delicious Asian fusion food. Familjen nearby is also very good. If you choose to go here, definitely make time for a pre-dinner cocktail – delicious! There are a number of Michelin-starred restaurants, a quick Google search will lead you there; and if eating local Swedish food is important, check out the “Eat Swedish” article.

Post-dinner: No dancing & Clubs

You could obviously revisit the pre-dinner venues if you have no interest in dancing. The sheer variety of options around Andra and Tredje Långgatan make this a great area to bar-hop. I think Skål, a cosy basement bar on Storgatan, is a great place to drink out the night. Folk at Järntorget (near the Långgatans) and Barabicu five minutes walk away also make good post-dinner drink-til-late venues.

If you are interested in clubs, I’d recommend checking out this blog. If you are over by Järntorget, then Pustervik is a venue which prides itself on offering a variety of music. The same can be said for Nefertiti, another big live music venue in Gothenburg. Worth checking the website of each to see what’s on offer this week. For clubs, where tech-house and electronica are the order of the night, Hoki Moki is a good option. The backyard at M3 can have some interesting DJs, don't be put off by the empty looking restaurant at the front. And Yaki-Da, set over several floors, has a room for everyone. That includes an alcoholic coffee bar, worth visiting if only to inhale that beautiful smell! And keep an eye out for news of an underground club night in Gothenburg, often the hottest party in town with no defined closing time.



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