Best Swedish cuisine in Gothenburg

Traditional Swedish food, or for that matter Nordic food generally, has a heavy focus on seafood. Gothenburg boasts some of the best seafood in the region thanks to the deep, cold water that lies off its coast. Plus – it could be locally spread propaganda – I am told that the water off Stockholm is more polluted and, therefore, of lesser quality than what’s caught off the West Coast. Hmmm… it does sound like propaganda. But, whether that’s true or not, I can tell you that the seafood found in Swedish restaurants in Gothenburg is simply – amazing.

Sjomagasinet meal

Push the Michelin boat out

If you are looking to celebrate a special occasion and eat at the “best of the best”, then you could go to one of Gothenburg’s seven Michelin star restaurants. I would highly recommend Sjömagasinet for their unbelievable seafood. I was lucky enough to eat here once and all I can say is, “Wow”. Other Michelin star restaurants that specialise in Swedish cuisine are Bhoga, Koka, Thörnströms Kök and SK Mat Och Människor.

Something different

The restaurant Space 62 - Swedish Taste was opened by award-winning chef Anders Lindström and is more than a restaurant. Here you can also take a cooking lesson with one of Sweden’s top chefs, pick up some culinary tips, then sit down to enjoy a first-class meal. From deer to lobster, the menu changes with the seasons, and includes international influences on fine Swedish cuisine. And, of course, you can always skip straight to the meal!

Seafood buffet

The restaurant Fiskekrogen is well-known in Gothenburg for its quality seafood. It’s been serving delicious Swedish cuisine for around 20 years and, what you wouldn’t find at a Michelin star restaurant, is their Weekend Seafood Buffet. Served on Fridays (17-19:00) and Saturdays (12-16:00) there’s an array of fresh seafood available at a pretty reasonable price (395 SEK) given its quality and abundance! The a la carte menu is available until 10pm.


Quality husmanskost

The term “husmanskost” refers to traditional, home-cooked Swedish food. There are lots of restaurants in Gothenburg that serve Swedish classics; but one of the best is Smaka. Here you can expect well-cooked food that may not look like a work of art on a plate, but will certainly satisfy your taste buds. You were probably expecting meatballs to mentioned somewhere in this article, right? This is the restaurant you’ll find them served.

You should book ahead if you plan on visiting any of these restaurants in Gothenburg (contact details in map below). They’re all popular and for good reason.

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