Underground clubs in Gothenburg

Do you consider a “late night” going home when most people are enjoying their second bowl of cornflakes? Well, bit of a problem: the official clubs in Gothenburg close at 3am. And although qualifying as “dancing til the sun comes up” during Sweden’s summer months – it’s just not late enough.


For a genuine all-nighter, you need to go off the beaten track. You won’t find these venues listed in the Gothenburg Tourist Guide. Nope, you’ll need to dip into the (illegal) underground club scene in Gothenburg. Yes, that did say “illegal” in brackets. So come closer, we’re gonna have to whisper this to you…

Gothenburg has an incredible underground club scene. Thanks to groups of ambitious folk with a burning passion for music – whether it be punk rock or techno – parties are hosted most weekends, at changing venues across the city. This has happened for years but the popularity of underground clubs was boosted by the city’s decision to force “above ground” clubs to close by 3am. And well, nobody tells Gothenburg when the party's over!

As is custom, the venue for these underground parties remains a secret until the last minute. But whether it’s a disused railway tunnel or a clearing in the forest, the setting for the parties can be pretty epic. A word of warning, very often you need to register online to get in. The online registration makes the event, in effect, a private members party and puts it outside the scope of laws, such as the closing time. 

The only challenge is finding out when and where the next party is. Sometimes, you just need some luck and speak to the right person. There’s also this great site which gave us our first glimpse of the underground world in Gothenburg. Several Facebook 'likes' and 'join groups' later and the best parties in the city are on your radar.

Ear to the ground. Now follow that bass.

*Update read our in-depth interview about the underground scene in Gothenburg.


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