Theatre scene in Gothenburg


From high-profile theatres in some of Gothenburg's grandest buildings, to hidden-away gems in the city's back streets – the theatre scene in Gothenburg is booming. With too many theatres to name in a single article, here are few options to get you started...

Stora teatern in Gothenburg

The Big Shows

Some of the headline acts in the Gothenburg theatre scene:

Stora Teatern has stood proudly in the middle of the city since 1816. Hosting a variety of first-class theatre, music and dance from around the world within a beautiful and glamorous setting. An all-round cultural hotbed. 

Operating since 1918, Gothenburg's Stadsteatern has seen legends of Swedish performance art, such as Ingmar Bergman, work their magic here. Like Stora Teatern it attracts international shows to Sweden's west coast. Look out for lunch time shows.

What Folkteatern lacks in history, it makes up for with its cool and contemporary performance space. Supported by a trendy bar and restaurant at the front.

Intimate venues

Sometimes the best theatre in Gothenburg can be seen in one of the city's smaller venues. Adding to the intensity, here you will see the whites of the actors eyes:

GEST is an award-winning theatre which showcases the best of English speaking theatre in Gothenburg, often giving shows their Scandinavian premiere. True to its name – Gothenburg English Studio Theatre – all shows are performed in English by a professional British cast.

For something a bit different, visit one of GEST's neighbours on Chapmans torg: Teater Sesam. At Sesam, innovative shadow and puppet theatre delights audiences of all ages.

Backa Teater, located on Lindholmen, is part of Göteborgs Stadsteater and is an internationally recognised theatre focused mainly on productions for children and young adults.

Teater Trixter works with cross-disciplinary arts, for example, by bringing together film, theatre, visual arts and music in order to highlight a common theme.

Gothenburg's Dramatiska Teater produces thought-provoking theatre with the aim of introducing audiences to new perspectives on reality. Often choosing drama that depicts struggling or vulnerable characters who find it difficult to fit into society.     

At artist driven community Atalante you'll see experimental performances with a focus on contemporary dramatic art, choreography and music.

Production of YEN (2015) at GEST.

Production of YEN (2015) at GEST.


Summer wouldn't be summer in Gothenburg without its arts festivals. In 2018, it is all happening during two action-packed weeks in August:

Kicking off with Kulturkalaset (14-19 August), theatre is among the 1000-plus shows and exhibitions on display across the city. Much of it is free.

Stora Saluhallen, on Kungstorget, is Gothenburg's largest indoor market.

Next we have Gothenburg's Dance and Theatre Festival (17-23 August). Artists and production companies from around the world are invited to Gothenburg to share stories which reflect the world as it is today.

Improfest is an International Improvised Theatre festival which takes place in Gothenburg around August time every year.

Closing Gothenburg's two week celebration of the performing arts is the wonderful Gothenburg FRINGE festival. As part of an international movement to make performing arts more accessible, Majorna opens its doors to exciting productions in unexpected locations. During FRINGE, theatre makes the city its stage.

See a list of all independent theatres in west Sweden here.

And finally, some of us at @thisisgburg are part of an immersive theatre company. See what we’re up to and sign-up for ticket announcements here.


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