Getting from the airport into Gothenburg city centre

I love arriving into Landvetter airport – and not just because I’m back in Sweden – because it succeeds in creating a calm environment. This is largely thanks to the spacious and smartly styled baggage hall which is creatively sponsored by Volvo. Like most airports, Landvetter is located outside the city (25 km). So, if you’re not planning on hiring a car, how can you get into Gothenburg?


Airport bus


Flybussarna - the airport bus departs every 20 minutes and offers free Wifi. A single bus journey costs around 100 SEK for a single journey, representing the best value option. You can conveniently buy a ticket from the driver, via the app or from a kiosk located in the airport. Payments by card only.

The Flygbussarna ticket helpfully includes travel on public transport for 90 mins from the start of your journey. You should therefore be able to complete the journey to your AirBnb or hotel at no extra cost. The Flygbussarna’s first drop-off point (Korsvägen) is a tram/bus hub, with the ability to reach all corners of the city. The final stop (Nils Ericson Bus Station) is connected to the city’s Central train station and is less than 5 mins walk to Brunnsparken, another major public transport hub.  

Far less regular but an excellent option for those visitors to Gothenburg on a tight budget is the Flix Bus. For just 29 SEK each way the buses run between the airport and Gothenburg city centre three times a day.


There is always a queue of taxis waiting to whisk new-arrivals to their final destination. Goteborg taxis offer a set price, “Fastpris”, for journeys into the city. Please benefit from my own expensive mistake and pay the fastpris! You can see the current cost of journeys here

It must be said, taxis are not cheap in Gothenburg. They are not used as widely as in other cities and that’s most likely because of the city’s amazing public transport. There is little demand for them and I think they need to make as much money as they can, when they can!

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