Essential advice about public transport in Gothenburg

Buses, trams, trains and boats – Gothenburg boasts a slick public transport network! For me personally, the rumbling city trams are one of the city’s greatest charms. And, although taxis including Uber operate in Gothenburg, most people stick to public transport to get around. And when it’s so reliable and comfortable – why wouldn’t you?



Gothenburg’s public transport – from buses to boats – is operated by Västtrafik. There are dedicated Västtrafik ticket offices, including one in the square outside Central Station’s main entrance and another at Brunnsparken. As well as buying tickets and topping up travel cards, these are useful places to visit should you have any travel questions.

Tickets can be bought from a variety of shops around Gothenburg, including 7Eleven and Presbyrån stores. For a complete list, click here


Tourists on a trip

If you’re in Gothenburg for a short visit, you should consider buying a 1- or 3-day travel pass. This gives you the ability to use all types of Västtrafik public transport. It’s simple and if you are intending to see as much of the city as you can while you’re here – offers value too.

And if value appeals to you, then there’s even more on offer with a Gothenburg City Card. Not only does this cover your travel for 1, 2 or 3 days, it also includes admission to many of Gothenburg’s best attractions and excursions.

Longer-term guests

If you think you’ll be in Gothenburg for more than a few days, I suggest buying a travel card. You can top-up with credit to “Pay-as-you-go” or, alternatively, load the card with a “monthly ticket” which starts the first time your card is used.

Travel for 90 mins within Gothenburg

The first time you scan your card on a card reader machine, you can travel for 90 mins within Gothenburg (at no extra cost) on any Västtrafik bus, tram, train or boat. In fact, no Västtrafik tram or boat goes beyond the city zone. 

It does costs extra to travel beyond the city’s boundary, something that’s only possible by bus and train. If this applies to your journey, you should press the “+” button on the ticket machine before showing your card. Then remember to “check-out” by holding your card against the reader when you leave!

Enjoy an island cruise


The 90 mins travel rule allows you to travel from the city center to the coast and still have time to cover your boat ride to an island. The islands themselves are great but it’s actually worth going for the boat ride alone! Sit on top deck for an hour or two and enjoy the views as you cruise around the Gothenburg archipelago. All for less than the cost of a coffee!

Pay on the tram

Trams offer onboard ticket machines (though not in every carriage) that accept both cash and card. You will pay around 25% more per journey, so this can get pretty expensive if you’re using public transport regularly. 

Don’t try and pay drivers

Although drivers will often do their best to answer any questions, they will never accept payment for a journey.

Västtrafik apps

I’d recommend downloading Västraffik’s “Reseplanerare” app for live schedules and to conveniently plan routes. Their “To Go” app also makes the purchase of single and monthly tickets extremely easy. 

Explore Gothenburg

Now you are all set for travelling around this beautiful city it is time to check out some of the best views of Gothenburg (which are all accessible by public transport).


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