Cheap and tasty food in Gothenburg

The cost of eating out in Gothenburg can add up; particularly if you add wine to a meal. But there are ways to enjoy eating out without blowing a hole in your budget (and it does not involve eating a Whopper-Mc-Shite-Meal). Below are my five best tips to eat cheap in Gothenburg:


Take advantage of weekday lunches

No doubt, the best food deals in Gothenburg happen around lunch. That can start as early as 11.30 am for a Gothenburger with most places quieter (possibly closing) around 14.00. Daily (“dagens”) lunch menus generally offer bread, a salad buffet, main course, coffee and biscuits, all for less than 100 SEK. You have limited menu options to choose from, but at that value, you can’t complain!

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Vegetarians should definitely check out Andrum on Östra Hamngatan, just a couple of minutes walk from Brunnsparken. They have an amazing value, self-service buffet and always have vegan alternatives in the kitchen – just ask. If I’m in the mood for lunch with everything you could wish for, the Ritz at 130 SEK has a daily meat and fish dish to go with the best salad buffet in the city (which you can have by itself). 

Salad bar lunch buffet in Gothenburg

Eat for free

When I say “free”, remember that “nothing in life is free”. It will cost you the price of a drink, but even that’s likely to be discounted during “After work” hours, typically 17-19:00 on weekdays. Among the best value food I’ve had in Gothenburg was at Condeco where, one Friday evening after work, I ate (way too much!) free pizza with a glass of well-priced wine. Yaki-Da offer something similar, Lilla London too. You can’t expect fine dining, but you can certainly fill a stomach. Just search “After Work Buffet” and see the many options available.

Street food

Gothenburg is a foodie city and so it’s no surprise to find the Food Truck trend alive and well here. There are always Trucks at Magasinsgatan, Kungstorget and often at Gustav Adolfs Square too. Here you can buy restaurant style lunches in a box, so there’s no frills and sometimes no seat either! There are a whole variety of cuisines to sample, from artisan swedish food to asian fusion cooking. 

Then, pre-dating the food trucks are Gatukök street kitchens. They are fast food joints selling decent thai, sausage, falafel or pizza for 55-80 SEK; you’ll find them peppered throughout Gothenburg. Vegetarians and vegans should check out Jonsborgsgrillen on Avenyn for a quick but filling fast food pit stop.

Stora Saluhallen, on Kungstorget, is Gothenburg's largest indoor market.

Stora Saluhallen, on Kungstorget, is Gothenburg's largest indoor market.

Stora Saluhallen

Affordable and quality meals are available Monday-Saturday from 11-6pm in Stora Saluhallen. The cheapest eats, around 60-70 SEK, tend to be found inside the hall itself, rather than in one of the restaurants found on the outside of the market hall. However, don't expect the added extras (bread, sallad buffet, coffee etc.) of a restaurant-style lunch menu. With around forty restaurants and delicatessens housed in the impressive, late-19th Century building, it’s fun to wander round and see which menu draws you in. With much of the eating done at bars, rather than tables, it works really well if you’re eating alone.


Find yourself a Tullen

A place I often find myself eating at is Ölstugan Tullen. It's a local chain that's quickly and recently spread around the city – not all are shown in the map below, it'd simply take over! – you can find a full list of locations here. Open from 15:00 on weekdays, and 13:00 at weekends, almost everything on their menu costs 100 SEK. For this you can expect healthy portions of honest, seasonal food. You’re guaranteed at least one veggie and often a vegan option too. And although the food here won’t win any culinary prizes; it won’t fail to please a hungry stomach or your bank balance!  

Cheap food options near Avenyn

In Gothenburg fast food means much more than McDonalds and Burger King. Vigårda on Avenyn has cheap drinks and all sorts of tasty burgers including vegetarian and vegan options. Bryggeriet has 2-for-1 meal deals for both evening and lunch with all food prepared from scratch.


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Enjoy dinner with strangers in an unknown restaurant. Only for the curious. Register here.