Brunch options in Gothenburg

Brunch in Gothenburg can mean many things: from eggs benedict to fresh pastries and, rather weirdly, “lunch”! Somehow, the concept of brunch falling between BReaskfast and lUNCH appears to be lost on some of Gothenburg’s hotels, cafes and restaurants, who serve brunch between 12-4pm. But all this is quickly forgiven, as the food and relaxed settings on offer more than make up for it! Plus you still get to enjoy a weekend lie-in – which is the whole point of brunch, is it not?


The Yankee

If you want the first meal of the day to involve pancakes; you can get an authentic American breakfast at Egg and Milk. Choose your own toppings and, if you feel like breaking a house-record, order yourself 23 pancakes. And a bag.  

The Hammock

Situated in the ground floor of Musikens Hus and and short stroll from the 9, 3 or 11 tram stop at Stigbergstorget is Cafe Hängmattan. Get here as the doors open at 11:30, or after the lunchtime slot rush, to enjoy this wonderful breakfast buffet to it’s fullest alongside the vivacious and and vibrant Majorna folk. With a vegetarian leaning menu and laid back vibe - this is surely one of the best breakfasts to be found in Gothenburg on Saturdays and Sundays.

The Hipster

Cafe Magasinet on Tredje Långgatan is open from 8am (10am Sundays) and offers some delicious buns and breakfast combos. There’s plenty of outdoor seating in the courtyards and a relaxed vibe.

The Chains

I love that Gothenburg doesn’t have large tax-dodging coffee giants on every street! The chains here are on a much smaller scale. Pain Francais offers a typical continental breakfast including: croissant, baguette and yoghurt. Whereas, Condeco serves a more Swedish brunch affair: fresh breads, cheeses, muesli.  

The Meat-Free

Sunday brunch at Roda Sten’s cafe is a must if you want a delicious meat-free meal. Starting at 12, you’ll find a large buffet of vegetarian (including vegan) hot and cold food, including sweet options to finish. It’s a great spot to relax riverside on the outdoor patio. Check out Roda Sten’s current art exhibition when you’re finished. 

There’s also a more simpler brunch on Saturday’s at Frilagret. Perhaps the cheapest of all recommended. A chilled cafe, odd bits of furniture.

The Posh

For that extra special (expensive) brunch, head to one of Gothenburg’s hotels. The Clarion Post hotel boasts an award winning pastry chef and (speaking from bloated experience) far too much tasty food to sample. The Dorsia and The Ritz also have large buffets of elegant food, or you could go for champagne, DJ and set brunch menu at Hotel Pigalle. I recommend booking ahead for all.

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