Art in Gothenburg

Gothenburg has a vibrant art scene that more than packs a punch for a city its size. A diverse and passionate artistic spirit means that almost whatever your genre or sub-genre… you can find and explore it right here. From a city that is creative and outward looking with rich urban history and awe inspiring scenery: Gothenburg’s art scene has some real hidden depths.

Whether "art aficionado" or "person sheltering from inclement weather", Gothenburg has you covered.


Off Avenyn

The Gothenburg Museum of Art contains several floors of paintings across different periods of history. There is a focus on emerging Nordic artists alongside famous Europeans such as Van Gogh and Munch. You can happily spend a couple of hours wandering around the different rooms.

The Hasselbad Centre - within the Museum building - displays incredible photography. The Centre is on the ground floor and open every day (except Monday) at 11am closing at 8pm on Wednesday and at least 5pm the rest of the days. Entry is 40 SEK adults and free for those under 25.

Just to the right of the entrance to the Museum is Konsthallen - The Art Hall - opened in 1923 in celebration of Gothenburg city’s 300th year. The Hall features exhibitions of artists that specialise in contemporary and modern art. The Art Hall is open to the public and admission is free.

Heading down towards the centre of town is Röhsska - a design museum housing textiles, furniture and ornaments since 1916. It is closed Monday and Tuesdays but open all the other days from midday until at least 5pm. Call in at Galleri Tomassen on the way - it is open at midday every day (except Mondays) and closes 6pm Tuesday and Thursday, 4pm Friday and 3pm on the weekend. Alternatively, Miva Gallery on Teatergatan, is open 11am to 6pm Monday to Friday and on Saturday from 11am to 4pm.

Linné and Haga

Near Skansen Kronan there are two great contemporary galleries; Galleri Box and Galleri 54. Both are open Tuesday-Friday 1pm-5pm, Saturday and Sunday 12pm-4pm.

Magnus Winstrom on Andra Långgatan is open Wednesday-Friday 12pm–5pm, Saturday 12.00–15.00



Heading downriver from Klippan, under the Älvsborg bridge, sits the Röda Sten Gallery. The former Boiler House stands testament to an industrial past. I have heard many reasons for the mythical "Red Stone" after which the gallery is named; from a boundary marker between Denmark and Sweden during the 1000's; to it marking the western edge of the city waters during the World Wars.

The gallery contains regularly changing contemporary art exhibitions. Closed on Mondays it opens at midday every other day and until 8pm on Wednesday but best to get there well before 5pm the rest of the week. There is a good cafe and the graffiti work on the back is always changing. It will be interesting to see how this space evolves over the coming years.

Out of town and around

Strandverket Art Gallery on Marstrand is about an hour and a half away from Gothenburg. A standard ticket gets you 90 minutes travel-time and an express bus and ferry take you to a world-class gallery. The island itself has charming restaurants and shops. It is well worth the effort. Further up the coast is the Nordic Watercolour Museum which houses incredible watercolours in a stunning waterside environment.

Scattered around the city you'll also find some incredible street art from the Artscape festival, amazing and free. For more information on Gothenburg street art, have a read of this street art article.



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