Where to find street art in Gothenburg

In the last decade, street art has gone from vandalism to high art. In many cities, including Gothenburg, the street art scene forms part of its cultural identity. That's the reason why blank and uninspiring walls are willingly handed over to talented men and women who, spray can in hand, create beautiful and thought-provoking murals. If you want to see Gothenburg's street art – this excellent map will guide to some of the city's best street art works!


One of the reasons Gothenburg is blessed with so much, high-quality street art is the 2016 visit of the brilliant Artscape. A non-profit, Artscape is one of the world's leading urban art organisations. Their aim is to bring art to the people and, it must be said, the invitation from Gothenburg came as a bit of a surprise given the city's previous anti-street art stance.

Image credit:  Artscape . Featured work by Australian artist, Rone.

Image credit: Artscape. Featured work by Australian artist, Rone.

But people are allowed to change their opinion. And clearly the powers-that-be in Gothenburg learned to appreciate the power of street art: its ability to lift the mood of a city by providing momentary, imaginative escapes for its residents. Transforming the dull and ordinary into the striking and fascinating. 

There are of course pieces of work that existed before the visit of Artscape. These too are dotted across the city so keep your eye out for Gothenburg's lesser-known works which are no less characterful. And if you take a photo, be sure to tag @thisisgburg on Instagram!

You can explore Gothenburg with this helpful street art map and, while it might not have ALL of Gothenburg's wonderful street art, it identifies enough pieces of work to please fans of street art.


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