Pick the ideal AirBnb in Gothenburg

If you’re looking for a place to stay in Gothenburg, Airbnb is certainly worth checking. Like many others, I really enjoy staying in a home rather than a room. However, AirBnb becomes an even better option if you also choose the right neighbourhood to match your plans. So, allow me to give you a quick heads-up on some of the main districts in Gothenburg :


City centre

This kind of speaks for itself. You’re in the middle of the action, have all the transport links you can shake a stick at; plus bars, cafes, restaurants and shops in every direction. My personal recommendation for areas to stay within the city center would be Linnegatan, Vasagatan and around Haga.  


This is the hipster hood in Gothenburg. Expect facial hair and tattoos on every corner. Well, actually, that kinda goes for most of the city! But Majorna certainly has “it’s own thing going on” with quality restaurants and bars that mean you could easily entertain yourself here; without going into the city “proper”. Also, by basing yourself in Majorna, you’re on the right side of Gothenburg to get to the coast and visit islands in the archipelago. I particularly like the area around Mariagatan.


Johanneberg & Örgryte

These two places are found either side of Liseberg, Gothenburg’s amusement park, and Svenska Mässan if you’re attending a conference or exhibition there. There are some extremely large, attractive properties in these areas that cost a pretty penny. What’s great about staying here is that you can enjoy peace and yet, within 10 minutes, you're in the bustle of the city centre. There’s the odd bar and restaurant but, being so close to the city, neither has its own “centre” to speak of. 


Neighboring Örgryte on the east side of the city is Kåltorp. Again it’s a beautifully quiet place with some gorgeous residential streets. There are some decent options for bars and restaurants but, if I’m honest, you won’t find people travelling from beyond the local area to visit them. The massive plus of basing yourself here is that you have easy access to the lakes and forest of Delsjöområdet. This nature reserve is perhaps my favourite part of the entire city. And if you want to swap natural beauty for some urban buzz, you’re only a 15 minute tram or bike ride from the city center.


Hisingen, although you wouldn't guess, is actually an island. And if you choose an AirBnB that's close to the Göta River, you are as good as in the city center – it can be as little as 5 minutes on a tram or ferry ride. Much of the area close to the city is made up of industrial sites and so it does lack the charm of the places mentioned previously. Eriksberg is an up and coming area, with lots of fancy new-build flats. But I’d come here 20 years from now when it’s had time to establish itself and develop more of an identity. But if you want convenience, it's not a bad choice at all with plenty of options for food and drink too.


This Is Gothenburg [2019]