Family fun with kids in Gothenburg

Assembled with the help of a local expert in family-days-out, here are some of the best things to do with kids in Gothenburg! Regardless of age, gender or interests there is something recommended in this article for everyone. In fact, many of the activities are great fun for adults too – after all, what's wrong with using children as an excuse for going to a trampoline park or Scandinavia's biggest science centre? Nothing, so go for it!


Science centre

One of the star attractions for kids in Gothenburg is Universeum. Located in the heart of the city, it has a rainforest, chemistry-lab, two aquariums, an indoor playground for younger children and an "experimentarium" for the inventors of tomorrow. Not forgetting: a reptilarium of “deadly beauties”, shark-feeding and a human body exhibition where you can test your speed and strength.

With this much on offer, and more, you can't expect it to be cheap. And it's not – however, it's definitely worth it. A year's pass or two-day entrance are worth looking at if you're in Gothenburg for a while. Open 365 days a year, kids under three go free.  

Universeum rainforest (Image credit: Kim Svensson/Göteborg & Co)

Universeum rainforest (Image credit: Kim Svensson/Göteborg & Co)

High rope course

The high rope courses at High Adventure are found in Partille, 20 mins bus outside the city.  There are three courses of varying degrees of difficulty and height. The bravest adventurers can finish the advanced course with a zip-line finish, 18 meters above ground, all 170 meters back to the starting point. Not for the feint hearted!


Slottskogsobservatoriet is an observatory in Slottskogen which, during darker months, has public demonstrations on Mondays and Wednesdays. A cool experience and great evening activity. If I may just state the obvious: when it's cloudy you won’t be able to see anything through the telescopes. I know you knew that. Just wanted to check to avoid disappointment.

Enjoy a boat trip to the islands and watch seals

Enjoy a boat trip to the islands and watch seals

Seal safari

The Seal safari takes you out to sea on a west coast adventure! Travel by boat out to the archipelago – entertainment in itself – and fall in love with Gothenburg's chubby, sun-lovin' seal colony. Inside tip: go during June, July or August and see the young (cute) seal pups. While you're there, why not picnic on one of the islands in Gothenburg's northern archipelago?

Amusement park

Opened in 1923, Liseberg has been entertaining families in Gothenburg for decades. It still retains its old charm, yet has seen several hell-raising rides added in recent years: full of twists, turns, loop the loops and guaranteed screams! For younger children, there is an entire section with tamer rides to enjoy. There are also some really good food options on site. It's not all burgers and fries. A little like Universium, you do pay extra for this premium attraction. So have a look and see which type of ticket offers best value for you and your family. 

Kid's activities so cheap, they're free:

  • Plikta is a huge activity playground situated in Slottskogen park, close to Linnéplatsen. As well as the mandatory slides, swings and sandboxes, there are also trampolines, free rental of bicycles, toys, games and a huge wooden whale to play in and on! Almost every afternoon there are free activities arranged by staff and the bbq is on most days between 13:00 and 15:00. So bring a pack of burgers and lunch is a done deal. A short walk up the hill from Plikta is Barnens zoo (the children’s zoo) where, during summer months, you can hang out with and pet sheep, goats, ponies and hens. In Slottskogen you can also see moose, penguins, seals and other animals scattered throughout the park. Hard to believe it's free!

  • Actionpark is a large skate park of nearly 2000 sqm, designed for anyone who wants to learn or practice on a skateboard/kick-bike/inlines/bmx. During summer months, a small café rents boards and protective wear for free. Everyone is welcome regardless of ability and experience. Also in summer months, there is a free skate-school in the morning! Check out Actionpark's Facebook page for the latest information.

  • Världskulturmuseet has a permanent exhibition for children and families called, 'Together'. Here, visitors walk through an exhibition barefoot and are invited to dance, listen, read, look and touch objects in order to experience how “wonderful and difficult it is to be with others”. It's interesting and even with a target audience of 0-12 years, it's relevant for all ages. On top of the exhibition, there are family events every Saturday afternoon, when supervised art and craft, theatre or music can be enjoyed. It's free for kids to attend and it's so cheap for the accompanying adult (a bargain 100 SEK for a year's pass) it sneaks on to the "free" list! Check the calendar to see what's on and when.


Many thanks to Emma Lindblad Åström, author of 'Barnguide Göteborg' for her great advice.



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Image credit (thumbnail & banner): Frida Winter/Göteborg & Co