You are about to arrive! Welcome to “Unlocking the City” challenge! 


You need to follow the path below, at times dangerous, but always intriguing. It will take you through some of the important spots in the city and lead you to the secret meeting point that needs to be unlocked. Fulfill the tasks and collect the keys on the way! Only when you have collected all the pieces, you will be able to unlock the final stop. Good luck! :D //Anastacia


Unlock the final step HERE

You need to answer 6 questions in order to get the seven letters/numbers that unlock the final destination.

A.    Central Station

Finally have you reached the best city in the world! Gothenburg Central Station has over 27 million passengers a year and was built in 1858. Gothenburg is a city of numerous hidden sculptures and statues; you will find one of the best right here in the station.

Task 1: Now that you are off the train, get inside the train station and find the Crying Girl (tip: they know who she is at information desk ;) When you find the girl, check out the shield just next to her. The text on the shield starts with a question, you need the first letter in the first word, that letter is the first letter of the password to the locked page!

B.    Gustav Adolfs torg
How to get there: follow the sign to trams (“Spårvagn”). Trams are a symbol of Gothenburg, both loved and hated by everyone. So, for the fullness of experience, take tram 3 (to Marklandsgatan), 9 (to Kungssten) or 11 (to Saltholmen). You can buy the ticket or pretend to be a true Göteborgare and don’t do it, just watch out for white hats in this case :) Get off at the next stop Brunnsparken, continue straight in the same direction as you were moving with the tram until you reach the square. The man with the sword is the guy who is credited with founding the original settlement here that went on to become the greatest city in the whole of Sweden. Send a snap but stand here not too long - we are off to visit his son!

C.    Kungstorget
How to get there: From where you stand at Gustav Adolfs torg, just look around and spot Tesla store. Go in the direction of the store and just continue following the street Östra Hamngatan until you reach the next square - Kungstoget with a big statue on your left of a man atop a horse.

Task 2: When you are in front of the statue, look around and find the graffiti artwork (on the left). The first letter in the artists name is your next key and the second letter of the password to the locked page

D.    Saluhallen
While on Kungstorget, just turn around and you will see Saluhallen, go there, get in and go through! With around forty restaurants and delicatessens housed in the impressive, late-19th Century building, it’s fun to wander round. Go in and get yourself warm and grab a quick snack/warm drink if you fancy.

E.    Domkyrkan
How to get there: Get out from Saluhallen on the opposite side from where you entered. You will see Biopalatset and to the right from it - the street called Korsgatan. Just follow this street until you see a big church on your left side - Domkyrkan. Turn left from Korsgatan to Kungsgatan and get into the church. On the night of 15 April 1721 the cathedral burned down but the walls remained standing and it was possible to restore the building quite quickly. Sadly in 1802 it burnt down again - so no careless fires today please!

Task 3: When you enter Domkyrkan from Kungsgatan, you directly see the benches, what is the number of the bench straight from entrance (left side of the passage)? The last digit - that’s your next key and the third space in the password to the locked page.

F.    Kungsgatan
Further instructions: Get out from Domkyrkan through the same door that you entered and just continue further in same direction as before along Kungsgatan. It’s a short walk in front of you, you will cross couple of streets. When you start walking down the hill, watch out and search for Steampunk Bar, which will be on your left side along Kungsgatan. This is a local pearl with a nice variety of beers!

OBS! Take this one seriously and send me a snap! Get inside Steampunk Bar (they open at 16 00 btw), approach the bartender and say: “Jag börjar gilla Göteborg mer än Malmö”. Enjoy! :D 

G.    Panorama view from the city wall (Kungshöjd)
How to get there: get out of Steampunk Bar and continue in the same direction down the hill. When you reach the end of the building, there will be a path up and to the left, follow it up until the stairs. From left to right as you climb you see other important sights of Gothenburg: Hagakyrka, Skansen Krona, Masthuggskyrkan up on the hill, directly under the wall is Esperantoplatsen, The big water on the right is Götaälv. Psst! Send a snap to Anastacia :) 

Task 4: Taking the stairs up to the wall, count the steps from the very first one all the way up. The number(s) are your next key! In fact you get double for this one as the answer is the fourth and fifth space in the password!

H.    Feskekörka
Time for another important “church” of Gothenburg!
How to get there: go down to Esperantoplatsen, turn left and go along the canal until you reach Feskekörka. Find a sculpture work on the opposite side of the “church” - so called “First pizza delivery to Gothenburg”.  

Task 5: Standing with your back to the statue you can see a bar straight ahead. What is the name of the bar? The first letter is the sixth character to the password!

I.    Järntorget
How to get there: go back towards Esperantoplatsen and just before you reach it turn left and cross the canal. Continue straight until you reach the square. Welcome to one of the most popular areas - Linne and Långagatorna!

Task 6: Just behind Järngrillen you will see the Fountain. How many human-like figures are there on the fountain? the number is your last key!

You should now have SEVEN characters from SIX tasks. Enter your answers to unlock the final destination!