Where to shop in Gothenburg

Okay, so Gothenburg is not a fashion capital like London, Paris or Milan. And it doesn’t have the size of Stockholm or Copenhagen. But, let me tell you, this is a good thing! There is so much quality in this gem of a shopping city and, on top of that, it’s all so accessible. Five minutes on a tram or a short walk can lead you to a new treasure trove of shops, each containing their own mix of stylish designs. In this article, I simply point you in the right direction, give a brief overview and say, “Go do your thing!”

Linneagatan shops in Gothenburg

Haga & Linnégatan

This area of the city is arguably the most beautiful. Haga and LLinnégatan are found right next to each other yet have contrasting personalities. Haga is quaint and cosy; cobbled streets are filled with cafes and interesting boutique stores for clothes and interior design. Linnégatan is a far more grand affair, with beautiful buildings that are worth seeing whether you go inside the shops or not! Again the stores tend to be independents catering for fashion, health, beauty and interior design. It’s not cheap but then, here, you’re buying something nobody else is likely to have. 

Järntorget & Långgatorna

Nearby to Haga and Linnégatan are the “long streets” Andralånggatan and Tredjelånggatan. You more likely to find a bargain round here at one of the interesting vintage stores. The Ant shop at Järntorget, a transport hub located at the bottom of both long streets, has second hand products spread over several floors. Dirty Records – which has a cafe attached to it – is a must-visit for music and film buffs! There’s a definite alternative vibe to be found here and the shops reflect that.

Vallgatan shops in Gothenburg stores.jpg

Magasingatan & Vallgatan

The whole area from Grönsakstorget to Kungsportsplatsen right down to the canal (see the map below) is home to plenty of interesting shops. The stand-out street, however, is surely Magasingatan. This translates as “shop street” and is very well known in Gothenburg for its high quality and stylish stores. A close second would be Vallgatan. There's every type of store – from high-street to high-end to independents – plus plenty of good places to stop for a coffee or bite to eat. 

Shopping Precincts

Personally, I’m not a fan of shopping malls/centers/precincts – whatever you want to call them! With charming, characterful streets to explore; the faceless, generic shopping precincts just don’t float my boat. But, it must be said, Gothenburg does shopping precincts well too! Nordstan is the largest indoor shopping centre in Gothenburg. If it’s raining, then it’s certainly a good place to keep dry. And if you're thinking "it's not THAT big" there is an underground level hidden from view! The Nordiska Kompaniet (NK) department store is a short walk away and is hosts more high-end brands than Nordstan. NK has over forty departments covering fashion, beauty and interior design from Scandinavia and beyond. 

If you are looking for the best in Scandinavian Style to be found in Gothenburg

So now you know some top shopping areas in Gothenburg. If you’re wondering where to get a tasty lunch that’s cheap (more money for clothes!) then check out the article on Cheap Eats. Feeling invigorated and wanting more? Check out our article on the best in Scandinavian style that can be found in the city including the best Gothenburg souvenirs.


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