We asked – You said

It was great to see so many people at the @thisisgburg September event. Once again, with the help of some pens and post-it notes, we took the opportunity to pick your brain. This time we asked, and you said...


Which actor/character from any film would be Gothenburg?

You did a great job picking out on-screen icons to describe the city. Your suggestions included: Chandler Bing and Ace Ventura (the famed Gothenburg sense of humour), Michael Jackson (great entertainment) and George Clooney (beautiful, charming). Can't argue with that.

What was your highlight this summer?

For one of you it was "sailing round Styrsö". Somebody else's Gothenburg summer highlight was "my first midsummer". And, given it was a summer where the heat has somewhat missed us – and outside, it was raining into it’s eighth hour – plenty of weather related sarcasm!

What if… there was a fight between 12 duck-sized horses and one horse-sized duck?

Well I think we have found a topic as divisive as any out there! We are not making this up... just one vote separated the duck-sized horses and the horse-sized duck. Drum roll... the results were:

Small horses: 14

Giant duck: 13

(Other answers, excluded from the count)

One person asked, “What counts as winning?” and “Are illegal moves allowed?”

The answer: It's a battle to the death, living wins. And ab-sa-bloody-lootley.

Another wrote, “The ducks”. Now – because they pluralised it, this makes me think horses… but it says “duck”, so must surely cover that too. Quite simply, the best answer.

Thanks to everyone who wrote something! We look forward to picking your brain again soon.


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