Second hand shops in Gothenburg

“Vintage”, “pre-loved” or “second hand” whatever you want to call it, Gothenburg offers shoppers plenty to get excited about. While having a rummage in boxes and sweeping your way through clothes rails – some delightful discoveries can be made in the Sweden’s second city’s second-hand shops!


Beyond Retro


This is a store which has wowed shoppers with its vintage garments from across the Atlantic, so if you are looking for that unique look, check it out. With a range of different styles, Beyond Retro has earned a positive reputation in Gothenburg since branching out from its East London base.

Where is it? Beyond Retro is situated at Arkaden 7.

Emmaus Björkå Linnégatan

Drop into Emmaus Björkå Linnégatan and feast on a superb collection of retro wears. This mish-mash includes everything from women's to men's and kids wear, so use your trained eye to dig up some bargains. The store sells books and glassware, too.

Where is it? Emmaus Björkå Linnégatan is situated at Linnégatan 9.

Easy Living

If you are on the lookout for vintage furniture, Easy Living is a must-visit stop on your Gothenburg tour. They can be relied upon for some fabulous tables and other home furniture, as well as general bric-a-brac. Their collection stretches from antiques which have stood the test of time, all the way up to the modern day. And there's more good news, you can get an excellent cappuccino in the same building - from Tram Coffee.

Where is it? Easy Living is situated at Gamlestadsvägen 4.

Majornas Saker Från Förr

Retro fans can fall in love with Majornas Saker Från Förr, a treasure trove of furniture and homeware from the last century. Whether you are after the finest cutlery or perfect porcelain, Majornas Saker Från Förr is the place to uncover some gems. Just ensure nobody else gets there first!

Where is it? Majornas Saker Från Förr is situated at Mariagatan 13.

Apart from owning something you’re unlikely to see anywhere else, shopping in Gothenburg’s second hand vintage shops is also sustainable. And sustainability is something else Gothenburg does well! Read about sustainability in Gothenburg.


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