Best parks in Gothenburg

There are some lovely parks in Gothenburg to stroll round, get active or enjoy doing nothing at all in. And from mature woodlands to crafted gardens, no two are anything alike, really. All easily accessible, I’ve included the nearest tram stop for you and, as always, a map at the bottom. 

Slottskogen park in Gothenburg

1. Slottsskogen (tram stop: Linnéplatsen)

Slottsskogen is arguably the top park in Gothenburg, the "big name". I mean, it’s got a castle! And it’s the largest too. Protected since the 1870s, much of the 137 hectare park is dominated by woodland where you might just spot a tawny owl or deer if you're lucky! At the right time of year you can pick wild fruits here and even visit a free zoo. The petting zoo in particular is great for kids. While all ages can learn something in the Natural History Museum located in the park. You can also play beach volleyball, frisbee golf and mini golf. With occasional live music and several cafe options... you can comfortably spend the day here!

Gothenburg Botanical gardens

2. Göteborgs Botaniska Trädgård - Gothenburg Botanic Garden (tram stop: Botaniska Trädgården)

OK, so I said Slottsskogen was Gothenburg's biggest park. And it is… but the Gothenburg Botanical Garden (see Garden, not a park) is 33 hectares bigger and one of the largest gardens in Europe. There are over 16,000 different plant species to be found here, enjoyed by keen gardeners and pleasant wander-rounders like me. It's one of the best places for a picnic in Gothenburg, with lots of huge lawns to chill out on.


3. Trädgårdsföreningen - the Horticultural Gardens (tram stop: Kungsportsplatsen)

A.K.A Gothenburg’s low cost date! The Trädgårdsföreningen used to be called "The Romantic Park" when it opened in 1842, and you can understand why. Being right in the heart of the city, it’s far smaller than the other two parks. But it’s packed with over 4,000 roses, sculptures and the-all-important private spots to whisper sweet nothings! Restaurants and cafes are near both entrances, bars too in the summer. With the canal (Gothenburg’s old city moat) running alongside, it makes a beautiful spot for a picnic lunch. You're just a short walk from Gothenburg's biggest food market, Stora Saluhallen, so grab something there and eat out on the grass!


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