We asked – You said

The @thisisgburg June event was a great success and we would like to thank everyone who came. With the help of some pens and post-it notes, we took the opportunity to pick your brain. There were some very interesting answers and we'd like to share them:

Question: What is your favourite thing about living in Gothenburg?

A: "Free bus rides", "Plankar" (Swedish slang for "blagging" something for free)

We have no idea what you are on about. Honest.

A: "Trams", "Trams", "Trams"

Three of you love the trams in Gothenburg. And since you love the charming trams, we assume you pay like good citizens...

A: "Friendly people", "People and culture", "Nice and open minded locals"

The people of Gothenburg seem to be very highly rated and we couldn't agree more. Perhaps our guide to interacting with locals has helped?!

A: "To dance West Coast Swing at Liseberg"

We had never heard of West Coast Swing – thanks for sharing! D.A.N.C.E. 

A: "Sea food"

You'll be hard pushed to find anywhere in the world with better seafood than our beloved GBG. Some superb seafood restaurants feature in our guide to eating like a Swede in Gothenburg.

A: "Walk from city centre to Marklandsgatan"

We don't know the exact route you take but Vasagatan, Haga Nygatan and Linneagatan are some of the most beautiful streets in the city.

A: "The way the city and wilderness blend into each other", "Easy to get to nature"

Why choose between city-living and the country life? In Gothenburg you can have both. We definitely share your love for this too and nowhere captures this better than Delsjön.

A: "Sweet potato fries"

Mmmmm. We hear you.

A: "Sunny Slottsskogen"

A city centre park where you can pick berries, see wild deer going about their day, play volleyball, frisbee golf, visit a free zoo... you're right – top place!

A: "Atmosphere", "Good vibes"

We feel it too.

A: "City library"

Newly built, well-equipped and designed, we can see why you love it. Great for visitors of all ages and even gets a mention in our guide to vegan food in Gothenburg.

A: "Tranquility chill", "Chill and laid back"

Gothenburg has everything you'd expect from a city but without the rush. No stress, more chill. Ahhhhhh, yes Gothenburg.

A: "Mom and Dad lives here as well"

Ours don't – jealous! 

A: "Ferries", "The ocean"

Being near the sea and (for some) riding the ferry to work are real pleasures.

A: "Accessibility"

Everywhere is within easy reach and the public transport is so reliable (and apparantly for some, free too!).

A: "Meatballs and strawberries" 

But not together... eller?

A: "This man's sweater"

We're not sure who the arrow was pointing to. But on behalf of "that man" and his sweater – thanks!

A: Potential to evolve

What an amazingly positive and optimistic answer to finish with :)