Best indian food in Gothenburg

Growing up in Birmingham, home of the Balti, I love Indian cuisine. And with a growing number of Indians moving to Gothenburg, there is an increasing demand in the city for an authentic taste of India. Here are some hot tips for getting your curry-fix in the best Indian restaurants in Gothenburg.


Okay, so the first thing to note is: the average Swede has slightly sensitive taste buds when it comes to their definition of “spicy”. What is considered hot here would be considered pretty mild by taste buds more accustomed to Indian cuisine. So while the curries served use quality, fresh ingredients they often go easy on the spice. That’s not a criticism, but bear it in mind when ordering.


Tre Indier

This place is well-known for serving some of the most authentic Indian food in Gothenburg. Located on Skanstorget, the restaurant also has a popular lunch menu as well as take-away service.


Found on Första Långgatan, with some of Gothenburg’s best beer served nearby, Dawaat has great character in terms of its interior decor and food. Also lots osf options for vegetarians.

Bollywood Masala

Given the fiery reputation of Indian food, this restaurant is appropriately located at Bangatan 8. Located near Stigbergstorget in hipster Majorna, Bollywood Masala serves tasty curries in a welcoming atmosphere. You’ll also find outside seating, if you’re after an alfresco curry.


Like the aforementioned Dawaat, Bombay is conveniently located on Andra Långgatan, a street filled with good pubs and bars. Very reasonably priced, it is always worth asking the waiter what they would recommend.

Go home-cooked

There is a growing community of Indians in Gothenburg. And, surprise surprise, they know a thing or two about Indian food. So arguably the best Indian food in Gothenburg is served by some of the private kitchens and food community groups which are springing up around the city. So why not try some home cooked food from home chefs such as Chennai Masala?


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Enjoy dinner with strangers in an unknown restaurant. Only for the curious.  Register here.

Enjoy dinner with strangers in an unknown restaurant. Only for the curious. Register here.