Hiking, trekking and walking in Gothenburg

Gothenburg is blessed with parkland close to and within the city that feels like a true escape. If you are able to venture outside of the city there is the most fantastic forest hiking sometimes approachable by public transport. Then of course there is the West Coast with surely some of the most spectacular sea walks in Europe. If you are willing to go that bit further there is even some elevation to experience just don’t come here for the mountains.


Overview of the hiking options

The parks in and around Gothenburg can really surprise you with their feeling of remoteness. You can get lost in a forest and gaze out at a lake without even leaving the city. If you have access to a car and drive from between 20 minutes and 1 hour suddenly a huge wealth of options turn up. Being Sweden there are also areas within striking distance from public transport and Västtraffik’s sprawling bus network. Whilst searching for good hikes to do in Gothenburg we came across von Frank-Einsteins Vandering Tips. Ronny has walked and documented hundreds of spots which are great for a range of levels. He even has a Google Map with all his walks marked which is a convenient way of seeing all of the potential treks.

Check out Ronny’s map of hiking spots in and around Gothenburg.

Below are some of our favourite hikes, walks and treks that can be researched via Ronny’s website and started from Gothenburg:

Within the city

Credit: Leo Ranta

Credit: Leo Ranta

Just above Botaniska (The Botanical Gardens) sits Änggårdsbergen which is about as close to wilderness you can get in the city centre. There are lots of paths leading through a variety of terrains. The Delsjön area also has beautiful lakes and forest vistas. Get off the main tracks for some genuine exploration! All accessible by taking the number 5 tram to Bögatan. Parts of the Bohusleden Trail run through this area of park before continuing either end to make up a full length of 360 kilometers. The Walking Guide to Gothenburg Blog has guides to some of the most popular tracks within or near the city.

By the ocean

At Särö Västerskog you find pine forest alongside impeccable west coast ocean. The reserve is crossed by paths with a yellow loop measuring 1.4 kilometers and the blue one 3 kilometers. A little further up from Särö and accessible by bus (Rosa Express) is Hovås. A small distance from here you will find the remarkably tranquil Stora Amundön.

Forest bathing

Rigortorpet is just north-east of Kungsbacka and has a selection of tracks ranging from 4 kilometers to 10 kilometers. The tiny village with red wooden houses oozes traditional Swedish charm and the hikes are simply beautiful.

Gotaleden walking trail

The Gotaleden walking trail runs between Gothenburg and Alingsås. It passes through areas of outstanding natural beauty with the benefit of cafés and hotels along the way for refuelling and resting. In total the trail is 71 km long and broken into 9 sections of between 6km and 10km. The first section starts right in the heart of Gothenburg city at Kungsportsplatsen and finishes amongst the lakes of Delsjön. If you want to reach later parts of the trail on a day trip from Gothenburg most of the stages are accessible by commuter train from Gothenburg central station.

Further beyond

Sweden and it’s right to roam is a great destination for hikers. Further afield but within a day trip distance from Gothenburg there are hundred of great trails. Here are some of the most popular hikes in the Sweden and the best walking in West Sweden.


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