Is “The Gothenburg Spirit” GBG’s answer to the challenges of 21st century cities?

“When you think of automation, smart cities and Industry 4.0, everything is connected and fits into an ecosystem. Ecosystems need collaboration, and there is a spirit of collaboration here totally unlike anywhere else.”


21st Century Cities come with a host of challenges; housing, traffic, security, water and waste to name but a few. When it comes to driving sustainability, circular economy, electro-mobility, social inclusiveness, equality of opportunity - can the spirit of Gothenburg propel the city to become the most collaborative city in the world?

What do you think could make the biggest single difference to effective collaboration across businesses, organisations and humans for the greater good of Gothenburg? What is holding us back?

We would love to hear your thoughts or simply a registration of interest. This is our city and together we can shape a better future. Please leave your thoughts below.

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This Is Gothenburg [2019]


Image creds: Erik Soderström