The Gothenburg calendar guide

July and August in Gothenburg are peak summer holiday season. December is all about Christmas (obviously). But each month has its own beat in the Gothenburg calendar; landmark events and festivities that mark the passing of the seasons. Here's the month-by-month rundown of events in Gothenburg:


Gothenburg in January

The Gothenburg International Film festival is the leading Nordic Film festival. Screening new, niche and soon to be awarded films across the city.

Gothenburg in February

The Gothenburg Horse Show is an international equestrian competition held at Scandinavium.

Gothenburg in March

Ok, so March is probably the toughest month in Gothenburg, warmth is still a way off and winter has seriously lost its charm. Still, there is Waffles Day to get you through!

Gothenburg in April

The Cortège is a wacky parade by students from Chalmers University featuring massive floats with different themes, inspired by important or comic events from the past year.

Gothenburg in May

The Varvet Half Marathon takes over much of the city centre as runners wind their way across the Älvsborg bridge and down Avenyn – all the while cheered on by the crowd.

Gothenburg in June

West Pride takes over the city with a series of culture events celebrating the increasingly vibrant LGBQT community in the west of Sweden.

Gothenburg in July

The Gothia Cup is the world's largest and most international soccer tournament. The city is awash with teams of boys and girls, from across the globe, making their way to and from matches.

Gothenburg in August

Way Out West is one of Scandinavia's largest music festivals with a mixture of pop, urban and electronic music showcased in Slottskogen park. Then there's the Culture Festival this month too, a time of year when you can find performances of art, music and theatre across the city.

Gothenburg in September

The Book Fair is the largest cultural event in Scandinavia with seminars, readings and activities for literature fans, authors and scholars alike.

Gothenburg in October

Alongside Halloween and the most important day of the year - Cinnamon Bun Day - October sees the cultural festival, Kulturnatta, with shows across the city.

Gothenburg in November

The Christmas festive season kicks off at Liseberg from the middle of November with a cosy Christmas market.

Gothenburg in December

During this 400 year old festival the "Queen of Light" is honoured with Santa Lucia processions, music and singing. Gothenburg sparkles under thousands of lights as it reaches peak festive charm.

You can find listings of smaller and irregular upcoming events in Gothenburg here.



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Image creds: Erik Soderström