Best viewing points in Gothenburg

You can pay to get high in Gothenburg. Or you can do it for free. And I’m going to give you options for each. Whichever you choose, enjoy a great viewing point to appreciate the Gothenburg cityscape. Cameras at the ready people.


Pay for view

The "Lipstick" building offers beautiful views down the Göta River.

The "Lipstick" building offers beautiful views down the Göta River.

Läppstiftet, or The Lipstick, is a landmark building in Gothenburg. Its style mirrors the marine traditions of the city and it sits right on the river in central Gothenburg. With 22 floors, this 86m high building houses shopping and conference facilities. But take a lift to the top floor and you’ll find the café “Götheborgs Utkiken”. This translates as "The Gothenburg Lookout" and, as the name suggests, it’s got some fantastic city views.

Heading down the river, towards Gothenburg’s iconic harbour cranes, is Skybar. On the 12th floor of the Hotel Riverton it makes for an ideal romantic dinner venue. Award-winning cocktails and Asian/Swedish fusion food are served from 4pm and the earlier time of 2pm on Saturdays.

Heaven 23 is a bar and restaurant sat up in one of Gothenburg’s tallest buildings: The Gothia Towers. Like the Skybar, it offers high quality food and cocktails and so isn’t cheap! However, unlike Skybar, Heaven 23 is open for lunch during the week and is famous for its giant (incredibly tasty) prawn sandwiches. In fact, the prawns are always so fresh in Gothenburg – they’re a great choice wherever you are! 

Gothia Towers, Heaven 23

Gothia Towers, Heaven 23

A bit off the beaten track but definitely worth the trip is Guldhedstornet café. Built atop an old water tower and accessible through an anonymous looking door this old Swedish style café serves a great fika with exquisite views.


View from the top of Skansen Kronan

View from the top of Skansen Kronan

Free city views

For a more natural view, take a walk to Ramberget or “Raven Hill” as it translates in English. It’s in a small park on Hisingen island and offers a bird's eye view of the whole city. This large hill is popular with runners and for picnics. With a road to the top, it’s also very accessible for buggies and wheelchairs. Various trams and buses go to Goteborgs Rambergsvallen with the the number 33 bus dropping you right by it, at Ramberget.

If you like a chunk of history with your view, you should definitely visit Skansen Kronan. Also easily accessible by public transport, with buses and trams to Prinsgatan or Järntorget taking you a short walk away. From the Haga-side (Jarntorget) you will need to climb up many steps to the top of the hill. Whereas a less direct but flatter road comes from the Linneagatan-side. With the boutique shops and cafes of Linneagatan and Haga that surrounding it, it’s a great place to tie-in with coffee or an afternoon’s shopping.

Finally, we end with the most holy view in Gothenburg: Masthugget church. Sitting on a hill, near to the city centre and with the Göta River running close by; it boasts a beautiful position and makes for a great photo. Which, after all, is the whole point of visiting a viewing point. Admit it. It is.


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