What’s on in Gothenburg

This is not a list of every event in Gothenburg. Instead, we’ve cherry picked what’s on in Gothenburg, showing the most interesting events, of all types and sizes, and probably off your radar. Until now…


02 February – Lindholmen Street Food Market and Gothenburg Brewers Guild

Lindholmen street food market is back! And, combining with a beer festival, what a return they are making. Enjoy 20 local draft beer producers and some amazing street food.

03 February – Stand up and Jazz @Nefertiti

Jazz music and humour, mixed in the right conditions. Sounds like a lovely evening at Nefertiti.

07 February – Curious about space? @Gothenburg Natural History Museum

Have you ever wondered what made us turn our gaze upwards? Katja Lindblom, astronomer and director at the Castle Forest Observatory, talks about what drives people to explore the world space and how it affects us in everyday life.

08 February – Electric Dreams @Hoki Moki

Electric Dreams continues to spread the techno-love across Gothenburg. For the first time at Hoki Moki, expect infectious tunes and feel good vibes.

09 February – Robyn @Gothenburg Film Studios

Robyn, one of the most successful (and talented) Swedish pop artists in recent times will be playing at the Gothenburg Film Studios.

13 February – Hamlet @Bio Roy

Action from the Barbican Theatre in London, to a cinema screen in Gothenburg. Benedict Cumberbatch stars in one of the great works of Billy Shakespeare.

18 February – TEDxGöteborg Disrupting Status Quo @Gothenburg Concert Hall

We grow up being told what to do, believe, and feel about things. Parents, teachers, media, and politicians all provide us with a vision of how to live our lives and what paths to follow. And so… we graduate, find a job and settle down with a partner we (hopefully) love. But what if there are other, more unconventional, ways to get things done in life?

20 February – River of Light 2019 @World Culture Museum

Come and build your own lantern, share a moment and continue this 400 years old tradition. Demonstrating how Gothenburg is open to the world, to new influences, on the UN’s World Day for Social Justice.

25 February – IFK Göteborg vs Gais @Bravida Arena

A local derby, not seen since 2012! Who will be the pride of Gothenburg?

24 February – Poetry Slam @Café Hängmattan

Anyone who writes poetry, whatever the language, is welcome to perform. The poems should be one's own work, performed by the poet him/herself, without props and for a maximum of three minutes.

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This Is Gothenburg [2019]


Image creds: Erik Soderström