Vegetarians and Vegans in Gothenburg

I’ve heard that 11% of Gothenburg folk are vegetarian or vegan. Now, whatever the exact figure is, it’s clearly enough to have a sizeable influence on the city’s food menus. While as a vegan or vegetarian in Gothenburg you still occasionally find that a (pathetic) veggie burger is your only option (and you should be grateful… not) the places named below do vegan and veggie food with pride.




*As stated in our Gothenburg Brunch article, brunch is served from 12pm. So more like lunch. Or, in defence of Gothenburg brunches, breakfast when you’re hungover.

Friglagret – cool cafe, in an old brick warehouse alongside the river. The completely vegan brunch is great value at just 95 SEK and all you can eat. Think vegan waffles, yoghurt and fruit. Simple, delicious food. Served Saturdays.

Roda Sten – another arts centre, this one sits alongside the impressive Älvsborg bridge. With graffiti all over its walls, a skate park, exhibitions and one delicious vegetarian and vegan buffet. Including deserts. You simply can’t help but load your plate up! A cool hang out, where everyone feels comfortable. Large outdoor decking is great in the sun. Served Sundays.

Best value

Hagabion – located on the grand and beautiful Linnégatan, this arty cinema-come-cafe/bar/restaurant serves good veggie food. The same menu is available at both Hagabions cafe and the adjoining Bar Kino. On summer evenings, there is a large and busy outdoor bar with a relaxed buzz and good views of its attractive neighbours.  

Hängmattan – with a variety of salads and hot dishes, this place is very popular for its generous lunchtime buffet (11:30-14:30). Since it’s part of Musikens Hus, gigs take priority over food on Friday and Saturday evenings. However, during the rest of the week, dinner is served. 



Kale’i kaffebar – as well as serving delicious vegetarian and vegan options, this café also has a reputation for Gothenburg’s best coffee. Add to that, a cosy outdoor courtyard and, from inside, large windows give great views of Domkyrkan, Gothenburg’s cathedral. Cafés don't come much better.

Café Repris – this vegan café is unfussy and full of heart. From the friendly staff to the cafe’s work with YMCA and KFUM (ensuring all young people have equal opportunities to reach their full potential). A proper community café, good music and a flea market too. 


Blackbird – arguably the most popular vegan restaurant in Gothenburg. A real mix of food on a changing menu, at a good price, occasional live music, vegan baileys behind the bar... it’s kind of got everything!

Thali – vegetables and Indian spices, you’ve got so many options to choose from. See this from their menu, “Grilled broccoli marinated in soy yogurt with ginger, red chilli, fennel and coriander. Served with cilantro chutney.” That’s all that needs saying. Actually, one more thing, many of Gothenburg’s best pubs are in the area too.   

Special meal 

Dubbel Dubbel – for great food and a funky vibe, you can’t go wrong here. Delicious dim sum is served at its two restaurants in Gothenburg. Opting for one of the set menus avoids the hard work of thinking and never disappoints. Fun vibe and good cocktails. Pretty small so booking ahead is essential.

Folk – Interesting, tapas-style dishes combined with organic wines, the food here is delicious, if a little expensive. It’s the kind of restaurant and bar you can happily spend a few hours drinking after your meal is complete. Or, since the restaurant is part of a theatre, treat yourself to some after dinner tension with a side of plot twists.  

Something sweet

Roots cafe – located in the city library, when I once asked about vegan options, the reply I got was a whole counter of cakes, balls and creamy looking things. This cafe is great if you’re with young kids, a microwave and plastic everything is provided. The venue is unmistakably a library, but a beautiful library, with large windows and a long balcony with views of Götaplatsen.

Open New Doors – this is the kind of place you go to treat yourself. A small, all-glass building takes full advantage of lovely views. Sat in the middle of a bridge, next to the 18th century Christinae church, its delicious menu includes such beautiful looking cakes you question if they deserve to be spoilt by a spoon. And then you dig in. High quality, unique location, justifiably expensive.

Whatever diet you follow, anyone in Gothenburg who enjoys good food should pay these veggie/vegan restaurants a visit. With thanks to @godagbg for sharing their tips.


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