New theatre in Gothenburg: Stigberg Immersive

Ladies and gentleman, please do not take your seats.

You're on a journey, you don't know where. You don't know who the actors are. Or when the next scene will jump into action. It's immersive theatre in Gothenburg.

The next show will be performed at the Gothenburg Fringe Festival – buy tickets now!


The Sea Widow

Dates: 23–27 August 2018

Venue: Gathenhielmska House, Stigbergstorget

Price: 100 SEK


 Image used with kind permission of  Bag of Plenty .

Image used with kind permission of Bag of Plenty.

What happens when the person you love dies at sea? Sara, a young woman in 1920's Gothenburg, must overcome the emotional trauma of losing her fiancé, as well as the cultural obstacles facing a single woman of the time.

Set in and around the historical Gathenhielmska House, the audience are immersed in Sara's world and have the freedom to choose the perspective from which they view her story. 

Fostering connections to the area's rich history and the people who made it.


Stigberg Immersive bring theatrical escapism to the streets of Majorna, Gothenburg. A collaboration between @thisisgburg and local artists.

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