Lesbian Gay Bi Trans Queer Gothenburg

West Pride celebrates 10 years in 2017 and during the month of June the rainbow flag is adorned across much of Gothenburg. During the rest of the year the scene is a little less conspicuous but this inclusive and norm-busting city has year round options that are just as vibrant.


Gretas, named after Greta Garbo, is a popular gay club in Gothenburg that attracts a mixed crowd. It has two big dance floors which fill up at the weekends when there is usually a charge of approximately 100 SEK on the door to get in.

Bee Kitchen & Bar is a "straight friendly" restaurant and bar right in the centre near Kungsportplatsen. With a relaxed but upbeat vibe it is the perfect place to start the evening.

bbyy! is a semi-regular club night at the trendy Folk bar near Järntorget with the mantra of "make what you want of the word queer".

Club Queer has monthly nights at Park Lane on Avenyn starting from 23.00 until 03.00.

Cafe Sesam has a HBTQ night most Tuesdays nights from18.00 to 22.00 for coffee and chats with the kinky likeminded. They also run sex workshops in Gothenburg.

Wish You Were Queer is a popular club night that is hosted at different venues around Gothenburg. Expect quality DJs and an energised dance floor.

SLM have regular nights in Gothenburg with signature "Scandinavian Leather Men" nights as well as more sedate, but no less enjoyable, pub quiz nights with a friendly crowd.

Gothenburg Guerrilla Queer Bar is a secret Facebook group that takes over a venue every second Friday of the month and has a huge following. Contact us via hej@thisisgothenburg.com and we can add you!


This Is Gothenburg [2018]